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Complete Design Services for Microfluidics and Microsensors

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Microfluidics Modeling - Design - Fabrication - Testing
Optical and Electrochemical Microsensors
Fluid Flow - Heat Transfer - Diffusion - Chemical Reaction
Project Management - Intellectual Property - Technology Assessment

We apply advanced mathematical modeling tools to solve complex problems of microfluidic device design, then fabricate prototypes for design optimization and testing with either standards or real world samples such as whole blood. Our experience in microfluidics and microfabrication date back to the beginning of the field in the early nineties and includes the development of micropumps, microvalves, microfluidic assays, flow cytometry, ABO blood typing, nucleic acid amplification and detection, diffusion-based extraction and sample preparation processes, and optical chemical sensors. Our clients range from the Fortune 100 to the one-person startup company. Let us help you with your research & development.